Must install .NET

Installed Task Capture for the first time and when I click on Start Capture I got a pop saying to run this application i must install .NET. I have downloaded and installed it and still get the pop up. Version 22.4 Community Edition


Hi @kcranmer

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Please try restarting the PC and try again.


Hello @kcranmer

Please check .net is installed in the machine or not. As there are provision for converting the flow to studio process/xaml you need to consider the below requirements as well.

So if .Net is not installed, please install it and try to open.

I’ve run into a similar issue: 21.10.2 Start Capture button does not appear (Windows 10)

The correct version of .NET should be installed as part of the Task Capture install but it fails on some machines. No error message is generated during the install, it just doesn’t work.

I suggest manually installing .NET 5 and rerunning the Task Capture installation.

Hi, Thanks for your input here. I actually had to manually run the dotnet-install.exe file nested in the application folder after install to get it to work. It would appear, that install is not completing when installing from the .msi file. I reported it to our support team.

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