21.10.2 Start Capture button does not appear (Windows 10)

Following a fresh installation of Task Capture 21.10.2 (x64 version) (Enterprise license) onto Windows 10 (version 1909 or later) for some users the pop-up with the Start Capture button does not appear when they try to capture a new process. Other users it all works as expected.

Installation is performed as non-privileged user as neither I nor they have administration access to their PC.

One user had a message that Capture required .Net 5 but this went away after rerunning the install.

Rebooting the PC and rerunning the install do not resolve this issue.

Has anyone else had this issue? Any suggestions as to how to diagnose the cause.

I had a quick look but can’t see any log files that might contain more details, but I could just have not looked it the right place yet.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @stephen.booth ,

Can you share the exact version of the Task Capture? Is it an MSI/EXE? Please share the screenshot where you are unable to see the pop-up?

Let us know if you’ve any questions. :slight_smile:


Screen shot Uploaded

This is an install from the .exe (.msi would require local admin privileges).

Version number is 21.10.2, I can’t find a more detailed version number in the application. The installer was downloaded direct from UIPath on Tuesday 19th April 2022 via Automation Hub (go into an idea, navigate to Documentation tab, select Create then Download and select x64 version from drop down list).

logfile: ur-2022-04-28 reads:
RecorderBootstraper Information: 0 : IsProcessDPIAware: False
RecorderBootstraper Information: 0 : SetProcessDPIAware result: True
RecorderBootstraper Information: 0 : RecorderBootstraper initialized with args:
Task Capture\Logs

I tried to uipload the task-capture.log file but it’s not an allowed type and it’s too long to paste as a reply.

Thanks, @stephen.booth . Please submit a technical support request. We would be glad to assist you.