Multiple screnshots and copy into word file

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to take multiple screenshots from one website and save it into one word document on daily basis(no need to use scheduling here).

I did could not understand how i can take multiple screenshots and store it into one folder and from there how i can copy today’s images into word file.

Please help in my above concern.

you can use take screen shot activity and store it in folder and add auto increment in it as date and time so you will get date also use get directory to read all present image in folder use if condition with in for loop and then use add picture activity Add Picture ( activity to add on word documents

hope this will help you…

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Thank you for the response @Kailas_Durgisht1.

Actually i wanted to take multiple screenshot from one website(how we can save multiple screenshots at once) and paste it into word document.

can you elaborate more about which type screenshot like you not need some activity then want take ss can give some eg

Hello @I_am_Praj

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To take the screenshot you can use the Take screenshot activity and to attach that to word document you can use the word package. If the format is same you can create a Word Template with the bookmarks. There you can add the images.



The thing is i want to login 1 devices into Orion solar-wind and then after logging done ,what i have to take 3 screenshot of from that page after that need to save it into word file (screenshots & word files will have the different names as per date).

Thank you for the response @Rahul_Unnikrishnan.

Actually i want to take multiple screenshots of webpage and save it into word document.

Ok…what about the number of screenshots for each execution? is it static?

Using take screenshot activity you can take and save as per the name you want . Then you can loop through it using Directory.GetFiles(“folderpath”) and then append to the word.


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yes static. only 3 devices are there and i have to regularly login into Orion then need take 3 screenshot of one page then save it into word document(need to login 3 devices and do the same process).