Insert Multiple Screenshot in a file and Send as Attachment


In my Automation, I’m doing a final validation. In final validation, I want to take screenshot and send it as an attachment. For 1 image file, I can make it. Now I have many screenshots.

I planned to create a file and store the image from there I will send it as an attachment.

And, I need to change the name of the screenshots that stores in file.

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You can change the path of the folder to store the Image and also Name of the Screenshot in Take Screenshot activity, Check that it is by default settings in Config File that “Exception_Screenshot”, there you can change

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Check this post, same query with different file format.



  1. First read all images files from folder

     arrImageFiles [] = Directory.GetFiles("FolderPath","*.jpeg")
  2. And then use Word Application Scope activity and inside that Use ForEach loop to iterate that Array.

    Word application scope
    ForEach item in arrImageFiles
    Use Add picture activity and pass item to it.

Finally send this Attachment through mail using Mail activities.


How manage the file name of the Screenshot, To store a Multiple image in a single file im going to change name of each Screenshot.


Just you want to insert images only right. Is it necessary to write image names also ?

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no its okay if all the images in file stored in word/doc.

in case i need to have segregate the screenshot means - i need to identify the screenshot images.

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okay if all the images in the file stored in word/doc.

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Once try the above mentioned steps and let me know if you face any issues.

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