How to add the screenshot image to the word document?

Anyone can help me to add the screenshot image to the word document?

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Hi @Brian_Henokh1,

Check this post, same query with different file format.

Saving Screenshot in PDFRPA Developers

Hi, as part of my project, I need to take multiple screenshots in various steps. In the end, all the images need to be added in a Word/PDF file and to be sent across via mail. Please let me know how to add multiple images in a single Word/PDF file.

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If you have taken the screenshot - you can use use the save image activity to temporarily save it somewhere(can delete it after it has been inserted)

Then use Add Image activity under word application scope.



the error is => Image variable cannot be converted to be string.

Can you help me to this problem?

you need to enter the filepath which you have just saved the image as :ok_hand:

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You need to pass the file name not the image object.

So here Error Screenshot.png is the file name, but you have to pass it with the full file name including the directory path of that file.

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