How to take screen shot and paste an image(Not as an object) in an excel of specific sheet(ex:sheet 3) when there are multiple sheets?

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I attached the screen shot of my requirement.Please guide me how to approach.

Hi Praveen
we can use it with the help of shortcut key as Use Alt+N+P use it with the help of type into and you need to iterate the number of sheet and call this shortcut key and insert the screenshot

Ashwin S

can u explain me in briefly,
or else if any workflow will help:)


Hi @vr24

1.Use Excel application scope
2.use send hot key as Alt+N+p or type into.
3.Use for each item .wb sheets and use type into to do take screenshot


Am already having screen shot and i have stored in particular folder,
from that folder i need to take that image and paste it in to excel.
if 10 images are there then i should take 10 excel sheet*

Hi use Excel application range
Store the variable as wb in workbook property
Use read range

For each item.wb.getSheets

Do the manipulations



BalaReva.Excel2.Activities.2019.0.0.nupkg (20.7 KB)

Install this package you will get "insert image " (activity) then you can insert your image in excel sheet as easily.

Aman Sheik

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Thanks Its working :slight_smile:

VR Cheers

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You can do this by using send hotkey activity under excel application in scope, yuo ma refer following video link: