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Hello friends, I want to take a screenshot, and save it in an excel. At first it seems easy, but I do not know how to do it. I have a TakeScreenshot activity, but I do not know how to use it in an excel.

Can you help me? How would they do that? Thanks!

Hi @Juan_Perez

Could you give this thread a read and see if it helps you?

My idea is that you could save the image to the clipboard and then paste it in Excel using Send Hotkey activity.

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Thank you @loginerror , it helped me to learn something new. But I was wrong. What I really need is:

I have to go to LinkedIn, put something to search, for example, Sales Manager. So, I keep the results that appear, and I save them in an excel or CSV. The data I need are: name, job, country and the person’s photo.

Look at this image. I can get the data in red with DataScraping, but I can’t get the photos.

Do you have any idea? Thank you again.


Everything is possible, but I think this particular request might be a bit complicated. It should be possible to get the image URL with Data Scraping (with small modification to the XML that handles the Data Scraping).

When you click the “Edit Data Definition” in the Data Scraping wizard, you will get scary looking XML. However, there is some logic to it. It is better visible if you inspect the element with your browser.

You can see here that I didn’t find anything by selecting the images in Data Scraping:

But, you can modify the xml to get your results, it is actually really easy. You need to change the attribute you want to get based on the one that contains the URL when you inspect the element in the browser. In this case, we don’t want

    <column attr="text" name="Column1" exact="1">

but rather

    <column attr="style" name="Column1" exact="1">

As you can see, this simple change gives you the URLs :slight_smile: It doesn’t give all because the container for default (no image uploaded) has different structure, but that should not be an issue.

You can now clean it up a bit and use the URL to download the images. Please follow this thread for that:

I hope it helps :slight_smile:


Thank you. I will prove it.
If this works, I’ll mark this comment as a Solution :slight_smile:

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