Multiple Queues with multiple robots


I have R1,R2 and R3 Bots and have Q1,Q2 and Q3 Queues , so I’m looking for R1 to execute Q1, R2 Q2, and R3 Q3. How can I assign an specific queue to be executed in an specific robot when scheduling the activity?.

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Do you want to run same process with diffrent bots and Respective Queues.

If it is so , then Use Get Environment Variable and get User Name store it in a string Variable . Let us take strUserName

Use One Switch Statement.
Check UserName and Use Get Transaction Item According to it.

For Eg:
For Robot 1, UserName will be “ABC”
For Robot 2,UserName will be “XYZ”

If the Value is ABC then use Get Transaction Item and Mention Queue Name as Q1
If the Value is Equal to XYZ then Use Get Transaction Item and Mention Queue Name as Q2.


Hi @MAHESH1 thanks for reply
No, it’s a different process
R1: Are a Invoice Processing
R2: Are Credit Notes

So , in the Q1 i have the info that use in R1 however that info (structure , type value) is different than the info who use R2


Create 3 Diffrent Environments, Add Robot 1 in Enironment1 and Robot 2 in Environment2 and Robot 3 in Environment 3. Create 3 Seperate Process and Give Queue Names Get Transaction Item.
ProcessName1 : Get Transaction Item should contain Queue1
ProcessName2 : Get Transaction Item should contain Queue2
ProcessName3 : Get Transaction Item should contain Queue3

Now Deploy All 3 Process in Orchestrator.
While Deploying
Environment 1 for ProcessName 1
Environment 2 for ProcessName 2
Environment 3 for ProcessName 3

Now bots will take Data from Respective Queue.



Thank You @MAHESH1 :grinning:

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