Virtual Machine Windows Users running Multiple Robots and Multiple Queues

Hi everyone!

I know a similar forum topic was created ( Multiple Queues with multiple robots )
but I had one more question in regards to this.

The environments can actually be different Windows accounts (running on the same physical machine), and the robots will/can log in on those accounts.


Queue 1/ Process 1 / Robot 1 / Environment (Windows account: user1)
Queue 2/ Process2 / Robot 2 / Environment (Windows account: user2)
Queue 3/ Process3 / Robot 3 / Environment (Windows account: user3)

That said, when something gets on Queue1 it will trigger the robot1 to run the task in Widnows User1, Queue2 will run robot 2 in Windows user2 etc etc. They won’t interfere each other, since they are on different queues, they run a different process, and different robots, and they won’t interfere each other.

Am I correct?


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