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Hi, I have a problem w.r.t. multiple bot architecture.
The problem states that -
If i have multiple items in the queue and using multiple bots, How can I specifically assign transactions to the bots?
Eg. 1st 2 queue items should go to bot1.
Next 3 queue items should be processed by bot2.
and so on…

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Hi Ayush,

I think Get Transaction Queue Activity gets the Queue with New status (default status after adding it to the queue). So when bot1 gets the 1st queue, your automation will update its status to In-Progress then the bot2 will skipped it and will check on the next Queue with New status.

You may check this thread:

Hi @Ayush_Purohit_IN,

if I understand correctly you want to seperate items within a queue for certain bots?
In this case I would normally suggest creating extra queue per robot - but if there is a requirement to do this the way you describe then you can use the following:

  1. When you add you items to the queue you can specify a value for the reference e.g. Bot1, Bot2, Bot3
  2. When you get the data from the queue you can specifiy the reference with an asset which you create with an “per robot” value.

With this each robot will only get the items beloning to “his” queue.


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