Multiple clicks on a table in JAVA environment



Hi everyone,

I’m automating a process from a client’s system in a Java environment. I get a table in the application where I need to click when it finds the word “PENDIENTE”. This is well done when this word only appears once, but when it appears more than once, it only clicks the first one.
I’m doing this with the activity “CLICK TEXT”.
I want to click in every row of the table when it says “PENDIENTE”, which appears always in the 3rd column.
I cannot extract that table with Data Scrapping nor with other recording activities, since the environment won’t allow it.

Thanks so much for the help.


Hey @Natlizaso1

There is one property available with Click Text is Occurrence.

Occurrence - If the string in the Text field appears more than once in the indicated UI element, specify here the number of the occurrence that you want to click. For example, if the string appears 3 times and you want to click the first occurrence, write 1 in this field. The default value is 1.



First of all, thanks for your help!

I noticed about that property, but the thing is I don’t know in advance how many times the word I’m looking for appears, It can appear once, twice or whatever…


Hey @Natlizaso1

Sorry did not get notification of your reply because you have not tagged me and sometime it happens with me, :slight_smile:

Well as you said your java application environment will not allow you to get text but you can try to scrape the text by using ocr as well then you can fire the string operations like search and count the occurance of that word which you are looking for and pass that count in your click text activity.