Click row in a table based on value from another column

Hi, I have a table in a web client similar like this.


I need to click the button at the left side depends on which row have a task name = “Exception”. I managed to click on the correct row button depends on the task if the table has only one task contains “Exception”.

My only problem is when there is more than two task contains the same name i.e. “Exception” similar to the table for every ID. It cannot click on either of them since it detects there’s two row contains the same name.

Note: the table row and value are not fix and it will change the for every ID.

Hi @jenkim,

What activity do you use to click on the (3 dots) button ?

I scrape the data and save it into excel file. Use for each row to find the task that contains “Exception” and click it. It works fine only if there’s only 1 exception inside the table.


Hi @jenkim,

Are you use activity Click or Image Click to click on 3-dots button ?

Click acitivity

Hi @jenkim,

Thanks. Have you examine the UiExplorer for the activity Click ?

First approach:

  1. investigate what attributes or values that uniquely identified the selector. Please screenshot the UiExplorer for activity Click.

Second approach:
2. click activity on value “Exception Test” but with offset X to click on 3-dots button

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Thank you for your suggestion but I don’t think the problem relies on the click activity since the data has been scrape into an excel file and it read every row of the excel file that contains “exception” then only it click based on the row the counter are at.

If the counter at row = 1 and it detects “exception” in the task name then only it click that row.

My problem is when it detect

row = 1 has task name = “exception” then it clicks it then it detects again at row = 2 has task name = “exception” but it cannot click since the page has been changed after the first click.

Hope that clarifies

Hi @jenkim,

Is there is need to scrape data first before clicking ? What if the selector can uniquely click on 3-dots button without scraping, that is by first examining all the other columns values like Task=“Exception Test”, ID, etc. After successfully click on 3-dots button, stored the ID value to remember that this Jenkins Item was already clicked. Hint: Get Text activity to extract the column value. Store the Jenkins Item ID in a List, List.Contains to check if Jenkins Item ID was previously clicked.

Then the stored ID can be used to check if the Jenkin Item is already click and increment to next row for the next 3-dots button.

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