Click Text Acticity


Hi friends,
I have a new problem with the Click Text activity.
I have to click on the row of the rable with the number 201890700250049

Which activity can I use so that I’m sure that it works with all the possible resolutions and zooms?
Can you kindly help me?
Thank you.


Hi @CamiCat,

1.Use Mouse click activity.
2. Try to use the “indicate on screen” to locate the element.
3.If you get trouble use the UiExplorer.



Thank you so much @balupad14.
I forgot to tell you that the row hasn’t got a proper selector.
Tha table appears in this way.

How can I click on the number?
Thank you so much,


Hi @CamiCat,
Is it possible to use the send Hotkey to get the position of the row ? and finally with the Enter key



If I press the Enter Key nothing happens.
I think It is compulsory to double click on the number.
Have you got any other idea?
I emphasise the fact that the table doesn’t always have only one single row.
It could maybe have more than one row.
So the Bot should click on the right “Numero Documento” row.
Thank you so much @balupad14.


Hi @CamiCat,
If you don’t mind. Can you tell me about development environment like (.net or java ) which is application you have. May be we can go to analysis with core .


Type into in Citrix with no selector

I tried with the Activity Click test double Click but it click on the position of the mouse.

It seems it it sensible to the resolution used in the personal Pc used for accessing the Virtual Machine.
Can anyone tell me how can I solve the problem?
Thank you so much,
Camilla :slight_smile: