Find and click on text on Java based application

Hi all,

I’m trying to find and click on text on Java based application.

On my application is a table which is dynamic (it always get fill with different data, so that makes this table bigger or smaller, so it’s change number of rows).

I tried Find text, Get text, OCR text, selection with Ui Explorer…but it seams that robot simply clicks on middle row which he found in that moment.

Also, I do have Java extension installed.

Please advise :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance

Hai @Test_Testtio… Try with Click activity … try to build dynamic selector…
Also refer this link

How click a link on web page which is changing dynamically?


thanks for the reply. I tried with extraction of data table.
Extraction works fine-tested it’s able to create .csv file, so that is ok.
Now problem is that results of extraction are stored in variable type- data table. When I do Output data table result is stored in string variable type.
How to do Click activity or any similar activity cause they require uipath.core.uielement variable type?
Is this the right way or I’m missing something here?

Also, Text exists find text but Output is boolean variable type, so still can’t click on it, after it is found

Please advise