Click text unable to click repeated text

I am trying to click specific text using the click text activity from a table on a browser. so i can download the attachments.

I am unable to search for text that has repeats in the scrapped region(see the coloured boxes.

Any possible fix/solution for this? can I omit certain columns from scrapping? When i select UI region, i must select the whole table.
Region scrapping is out of the question as i need to deploy this in a virtual machine with different screen resolutions.

is it citrix automation?
If no then you can go for data Scraping without extracting complete data or table.
For e.g please see below page.

After retrieving data in data table you can use for each row to create dynamic selector and download files.

Its a desktop recording.

I have already done what is stated in the link u provided. however it is only able to scrap data and output in a datatable. I then read the datatable to get the filename to click.

what i need is to be able to CLICK on the link based on the filename. the click scraping only allows me to select scrapping based on UI element(which either let me select specific cell or whole table), or based on region.

Is there a way to select only 2 columns(ID and file column) to scrap when using the click text activity?


I am passing dynamic values in the click text event. whenever there is multiple values with same name, click text event clicking always the first one only. From below pic.
first time it clicked “General” and in the second time if the text repeats with name “General” it is clicking always the first one, so continuity not happening. Please help me out