Multiple bots processing queue items and updating same excel workbook

Hello, I have a scenario where 4 unattended bots working on queue items (same queue) at the same time, after processing each item, each bot needs to update the same master excel workbook by adding a new row with the item info (works like a log but is required as this is a project for accounting and they demand this log being kept in excel, is there a way to allow all 4 bots processing at the same time while updating this workbook accurately (what if when a bot tries to update this workbook while another one is in it), also the way it is now is I use a read range before processing each item then use a blank data table for the logging of current item, then using merge data table before writing it back in the workbook, so there is a chance if any bot reads the existing data table before another bot adding a new row, that new row will be lost)

Hi @lynnsong986 ,

Maybe adding each row data to the Excel sheet using Append Range Activity can be one method of doing this.

However, I do not think this will be error free when two or more bots try to update the same file.

To counter this , we could maybe use a Retry Scope Activity on this which would try to append the new row data again if it fails.

Although, maybe a fool proof approach would be to use Excel as Database Approach, where we should be able to add /insert data into the Excel using SQL Queries.

Thank you so much so your reply, does it mean that I can use sql queries on excel? Like connecting to an excel workbook in execute query activity so the process will treat that workbook as a database?

@lynnsong986 ,

Yes. That is correct. You could check out the below video and blog :

I found some instructions on how to do this,thank you so much for your help!


Can you please share the solution

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