How to read and update the excel with multi bots?

I have an Excel sheet, I wanted to read the data from that Excel sheet with multiple robots and write the status back to the same sheet , Please help me to design the flow with multi bots in UiPath studio.


Read all the data and load to queue a unique value identifying each row

Process the items using multi bot then using the identifier get the row in which the data is present and update…

And while updating make sure to use a kind of lock…when you need to create an asset in orchestrator and add initial value as NA .

To lock …first get asset and check if it is NA …if NA update the asset with current username…environment.username…then get asset again and check if the value is the same username…if yes then open excel and update else wait for few seconds and repeat this using while loop…this enaures only one bot will write to excel at a time