Same excel file use by multiple bot

Can you please anyone help me how to make a process if i have one single excel file and there is multiple row aprx 3000 and I use multiple bot to run that process and all bot use same excel file how can i achieve that.


Convert that excel file into db file. And then multiple Bots can work on the same file.

Do you want them working on it at the same time or can they wait for it to be available?

Take a look at this post to see if it could help you?

Another option is to split the file into sub-files first then recombine them after processing in order to prevent contention etc.

@Aleem_Khan Try below tips

  • You can use CSV file instead of excel so that the multiple bots can access the file at the same time
  • Use try catch while reading the excel file. If an exception occurs then wait for few seconds and retry again
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