Updating Excel Sheet from Multiple Bots


I need Idea/ Practise to followed to sort out the below requirement,

I have an Excel Sheet in a Path which contains list of Names to be assigned in a process, So after assigning a name from excel to a transaction of the process we should update the count for that particular name.

I have around 5 Robot’s deployed to do the assigning process and all the 5 bots should update the same sheet, So we have a probability of more than one bot accessing the excel sheet at same time. If we keep the excel sheet as shared file, there is a chance of more than one robot editing same cell.

It will be great, If i can get a suggestion or idea to sort out the process.

Venkatesh G

Hi @Venkatesh_Prasath

Intuitively, it seems quite dangerous to let multiple bots work on the same Excel file (unless you make sure your retry routine is robust enough to retry the saving upon initial failure due to the file being locked by other bot).

Personally, I would try to create a separate process that is purely dedicated to gathering the output of the other bots and saving them to the file. If there is a better way, I am sure some more advanced users will chime in with their solutions :slight_smile:

Actually i need to make a count if the bot picks a name so that the name with less count will be taken next. The Sheet should be updated in order to continue the assigning process.

One more way I could think of would be to program the bots to run the save action based on time. First one would save at the beginning of current minute, another when the seconds on the clock are between 10-20, and so on.
This would obviously slow down the process though.