Multiple Assign sometimes not showing variable names

Just wanted to share this bug.

Same experience today with variable of short name “ex”


It would be helpful for UiPath if you provide more information about your environment and steps to try and reproduce the issue.

There is also a Send Feedback option in Studio to report a bug as well.

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Hi @Samuel2001

Does this happen if you collapse and then expand the sequences this multiple assign is in?

If so, the bug is already registered and is scheduled to be fixed in the 20.4 release.

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Yes, I think that was what caused the bug. I’m glad to see it’s getting fixed.

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I’m not sure how the bug is being reported. I would like to add some details.

I faced the following issue.

  1. I configured the assign multiple activity.
  2. I moved one layer above, and some values disappears as reported on this thread.
  3. I focused on the activity I created on 1., and the even rows are changed.

Sorry that the characters in the picture is in Japanese, though you may notice that characters are not the same.

Having the code to be changed unexpectedly is a severe bug for creating workflows.

Thank you.

Hi guys,

We had same problems.
Here’s my experience

Hi @AigoHigurashi

Welcome to our UiPath Forum! :slight_smile:

Then I think this bug is already known and will be fixed in the 20.4 release.

I think it is purely visual, as the values are properly still there. Could you check if this comes back to normal after you close and re-open the project?

Hi @loginerror

Apologies for my long silence. I did a bit research on the symptom.
Unfortunately, it is not just a visual error but it does changes the code itself.

If you look at the picture I posted, you notice that the first picture and
the last picture is not the same. I didn’t edit anything, but the 2nd, 4th, 6th
left hand parameters were changed.

Also, I noticed that this happens when I collapse and expand the multiple assign
activity. (Even though I didn’t edit the workflow, it shows signs that workflow is being edited)

I was trying to recreate the symptom so that I can share you with
evidence, though, I couldn’t. Better luck next time.

Cheers, Aigo

This is it, and the bug is already registered and scheduled for a fix.

In the meantime, I would advise not to collapse sequences with the multiple assign activity.

Hi @loginerror


As a workaround, I give up using “multiple assign” activity and created a sequence
with lots of “assign to” activities inside.

Thank you.

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This bug will be fixed in UiPath.System.Activities versions equal or higher than 20.10.1-beta.1189431

No this still isn’t working. Using 1189431.

Using Studio 2020.10.0-beta 1008.

Help please.

Strange. I have just tested on an older project (old System activities pacakge) and the bug was there.

The way to reproduce the bug is to use the Collapse All button:

And then expanding it back manually. This results in the bug:

However, when I then updated this package:

It went back to normal:

Now, having said all of that - is your scenario the same, and still not working, or do you have other reproduce steps that could help dive deeper into the cause of your issue? :slight_smile:

Got it ! Working fine now !
I press Collapse All and then opened them up and now all is fine.
I see them there.
Thats magic thanks.

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