Multi transactions wihtout setting the status to completed

Hello i Have this scenario have queue items A,B, C they do a jobX
but still A,B, C they need to do jobY,
i can jump between A to do jobX then A jobY but im trying to save time and do all items in jobx at ones then jobY

but them i have to get set transaction status and get the new one !
any way around it
can we get builk item like Qet QUEUE items and how it will work in the REF model !



I feel question isn’t clear to me. Try explaining it with some data/screenshot etc.

Ashok :slight_smile:

Hi @Hazem_Saleh

If your question is about using one queue item for both JobX and JobY without running them simultaneously to save time, then you should execute JobX first with the queue item and then execute JobY with the same queue item

If my understanding is correct, then we can go with the below approach,

  • Create two queues in Orchestrator, named X_Queue and Y_Queue.
  • Add items to X_Queue using the dispatcher.
  • While processing each item in X_Queue, if it succeeds, use the “Add Queue Item” activity to add the same values to Y_Queue.
  • This way, the successful queue items from JobX are added to Y_Queue for JobY.
  • At the end of JobX execution, all items with a success state will be added to Y_Queue.
  • Then execute JobY using Y_Queue.

By following this approach you can easily achieve what you want.

Hope it helps!!

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sorry if im not clear i have items have to do two screens
im trying to do the first screen for all then the second one

Thanks alot that will work :slight_smile:

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It’s my pleasure… @Hazem_Saleh

Happy Automation!!

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