How to close excel (When save pop up comes up)

I am trying to use the exit excel activity, but it wont exit the excel file because the save pop up comes up. Anyone have a solution for that?

Hi @cambiukpytou
Using excel application scope

and do the manipulations

use close workbook activity

Ashwin S

If you want to kill the process, then use Kill Process activity.
In properties, Process name=“EXCEL”

I don’t think I can do that. the excel files are files that are opened from a website and are not located anywhere specifically.

Sorry it does not seem to work for some reason. Excel stays open and the save pop up window is still there.

Hi @cambiukpytou,

Exit excel from which activities?

If you are using the excel application scope all you have to do is check mark AutoSave. Please provide more info of what are you trying to accomplish so we can have a better understanding of what you’re trying to do and have a proper resolution, thank you!

I am opening a browser, going to a website, click a link that opens the excel file. I am doing a few actions in the excel file (copy into clip board) then am closing the excel file, so that it can run through a database table of multiple websites. doing the same actions.

The problem is that because i have excel open, once I get to like the 3rd excel file, it says that I cannot quit excel and gives me an error.

Should i provide screen shots or the workflow itself?


I cannot seem to kill the excel process when this pops up for some reason.

Intentionally i need the application to close without saving so that it can move on to the next website to pull another excel file from.


Why don’t you use a click activity to press click? Also you should have the save option not just open, get the name of the file then open it with the excel activity, use move file activity for example. Don’t get stuck with 1 way. There are a lot of ways we can do this. Let me know if any of these don’t work.