Unable to close popup given by Macro

I am trying to read data from excel. When excel application scope ends it tries to close the excel. I am getting a popup which does not allow my workflow to proceed. I tried different ways to disable this popup but it always appears when i tries to read excel using bot.
I tried with

  1. Click activity
  2. Element Exist
  3. Recording

but nothing works. I even tried to record and disable popup by going to menu in excel but it also didn’t worked.MacroPopup

Hi Rishi,

Seems like this post has a solution for the macro pop-up:

Hi Ovi,

I tried with parallel activity but didnt worked

Hi there, if you want to do this you should try to close that Pop-up with a Recording (Citrix) activity.

Select a region with click image where the close button is, make it close and then you can follow your workflow.

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I got same, when excel is read using scope activity, I was keep on getting empty Message Box, I found way to supress.
in properties window for excel application scope->uncheck the Visible options


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