Can we create attended automation using community license?

Hello team,
Can we create attended automation and execute them from the UiPath assistant on my laptop using my community license? It is for a fragmented and repeated task that I want to automate but only when I want to execute it manually and I have the community license/UiPath studio & assistant installed on my machine.
I am unable to publish the project from studio into my UiPath assistant.

Please help.


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You can run like that using community

Did you happen to provide a automation user tole to robot?

Orchestrator β†’ Tenants β†’ manage access β†’ edit user β†’ role change

Also did you publish to the tenant feed only or personal feed?


Thank you so much for your response Anil!
I have setup a Robot account as an automation user. I have given the necessary access (Windows credential) but still i am unable to run the job in unattended mode.

I want to run a simple automation that i developed on my local laptop in an unattended form. I am able to run the automation on-demand from UiPath Assistant without any issues. The problem is with unattended mode.

I have the free Community license. I have attached screenshots.

Please help.


As per screenshot we can see that the runtime type unattended available are 0…

Did you happen to assign a license in the machiens tab as well? And is that machine and user linked to this folder?


  • You need to have at least one Unattended runtime available in your tenant.
  • Go to Orchestrator β†’ Tenant β†’ Machines β†’ Create a Machine Template β†’ add an Unattended runtime β†’ get the Client ID and Client Secret
  • Add the machine template in the Shared folder
  • Install the robot in Service Mode (Unattended robot) in the Windows machine. We recommend 2023.4.5 or 2023.10.0. Reference: Robot - Installing the Robot
  • Open Assistant β†’ Preferences β†’ Orchestrator Settings β†’ choose Client ID connection type β†’ provide the Orchestrator URL, Client ID and the Client Secret β†’ Connect
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  1. Create an Attended Automation Project:

    • Open UiPath Studio and create a new project or open an existing one.
    • Develop your automation for the specific task.
  2. Publish the Project:

    • Go to the β€œPublish” option in UiPath Studio.
    • Publish the project to a local or shared folder.
  3. Configure UiPath Assistant:

    • Open UiPath Assistant on your laptop.
    • In the Assistant Settings, add the published project’s folder as a Process.
  4. Run the Automation:

    • Once configured, you can manually run the automation from UiPath Assistant.

Note: Ensure that your community license supports the features required for attended automation.

If you’re facing issues publishing the project, make sure you have the necessary permissions, and the project is properly saved. If problems persist, check the UiPath forums or support for the latest troubleshooting information.

This is perfect!!! thanks a bunch @marian.platonov. I was able to run it in unattended mode and have created a trigger so that it executes based on a cron expression! :slight_smile:

Thank you!

I am able to run the automation from UiPath Assistant without any issues. The problem was that i wanted to make it run unattended based on a cron expression. This has been resolved based on the suggestion provided by @marian.platonov

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