"Attended Named user" Publishing the robot

Having an “Attended Named user” license added to uipath. What I need to do is,
I need to run the robot in UIpath Assistant without connecting to the orchestrator
I am not able to publish (Disable)

Is there any way to publish? Please help me solve this case.
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@Sudharsan_Ka - Since I don’t have expertise in this area…Adding @sonaliaggarwal47 - Could you please look into it??

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running is independend to publish
Also can the robot run independend from Orchestrator (e.g no Asset retrieval)

Maybe you can share with us some more details of the scenario. Thanks

Hi @ppr

I need to publish my "attended licensed " robot in UIpath Assistant locally and i cant able to publish because of the disable button

If i publish in path “C:\ProgramData\UiPath\Packages” it will be added to uipath assistant as offline robot right ?
I can’t able to do that

Also any other way for converting .xaml to .nupkg file?

  • automation project is valid? - Run Validator
  • we do see Studio - check if Publish button is enabled when connected to ORC
  • Publish and select custom

Maybe you are looking for this

Where can i find validator?

Hi @Sudharsan_Ka,

You can’t access Assistant if you are not connected to orchestrator.

It has to be connected to orchestrator to be able to run processes.

Secondly, to be able to use studio, you need to have studio/studiopro license. Option to publish and many other options will not be accesible via attended license.

Also sharing below link for your reference:



@Sudharsan_Ka gave the important facts.

I cant able to do that as well it is also in disable state

Will check this , is there any other way to convert .xaml to .nupkg

Hi @Sudharsan_Ka,

Not that I can think of using UiPath.

However, there might be other ways, sharing below link(one of the ways):

Its a whole lot of process :slight_smile:

May be easier is to get it packaged via somebody else in your team/org with studio license and use it :slight_smile:


Hi @Sudharsan_Ka,

Lets take a step back. We know that UiPath attended license does not allow publishing without connection to Orchestrator. My three suggestions would be

Alternative 1:
In your development machines (having Studio Pro) just ensure you have a version control (Git or TFS). Every commit to the repo can thereby be built and published to your orchestrator or the agent machine’s disk using UiPath Azure Devops Integration - News / Tutorials - UiPath Community Forum. This way you will avoid needing to edit the .xaml files in the attended name user license.

UiPath Attended Name user License will have access to the packed files from DevOps so the process runs will have no impacts.

Alternative 2:
Use your Studio Pro licenses as floating licenses using machine templates. This way when you want to publish from the Attended Named user pc/server/vdi you have access to all StudioPro tools. Once you have published then you can disconnect from orchestrator and allocate the attended license to the user in Orchestrator.

Alternative 3:
Build package using UiRobot.exe and move the nuget file to the required location for the assistant to use. Take a look at two good answers from @johnfelix and @Marc_Bourgeois
How to create Uipath Project nuget package in command line - Help - UiPath Community Forum