Move the mouse like a human in uipath

Hi all,

So, I’m trying to configure out how to move the mouse like a human cause the website will ban your account if it know you are robot. hence, My opinion is find the way to move the mouse slowly and it wont move directly to target. Can it possible ?and if possible can anyone help me to solve it? many thanks

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Hi @Tuan_Pham,

The bot performs same actions like human, click actions, type into , send hot keys etc…

How the website will differentiate if the bot is performing the above actions its same as human.

“My opinion is find the way to move the mouse slowly and it wont move directly to target.”

So what do you mean by this, so the bot should parallely move the mouse and perform the actions, if not do you just want the bot to just hover over the screen.

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the first I’m reacting on LinkedIn to do something via bot. so within click actions, type into, send hot keys… Is it recognize I’m a robot? second I mean I would like mouse the mouse not directly like zigzag…

The website doesn’t recognize whether the actions are performing by bot because you are performing actions as human does

If you want to just hover on the screen using mouse, you can use 2 activities

  1. Click somewhere.
  2. Hover

The above 2 activities combines will click somewhere on the screen and just hover over the screen.

If you doesn’t want to click, just use hover activity and the mouse will move.


thank you so much for your advice. so, 1 more question for you. can we have any property to see the mouse hover slowly by eyes

Hi @Tuan_Pham,

When you use hover activity, you can see the mouse moving.

Hi @anil5

thank you so much for help me

HI @Tuan_Pham,

Yes, There are some limitations wit the LinkedIn site. If you are trying to pull or Scrape the Data from LinkedIn using UiPath Tool, LinkedIn will block your account and you need to write a mail to the LinkedIn to unblock it again. Hope you are not trying to pull the data from LinkedIn :wink:


i have actually tried this. LinkedIn doesn’t really block your account, we just cannot scrape any data from LinkedIn. I got blocked when my bot went crazy and send a bunch of requests to connect on LinkedIn :smiley:

True… :joy::rofl:

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what exactly are you trying to do on LinkedIn? Are you trying to like / share the posts in your network, scrape data of LinkedIn profiles, add connections?

LOL, I will remember your comment

@VirajN exactly, add connection and scrape data of LinkedIn Profile. do you have any suggestion?

so what i did was i looked for linkedin profiles on google. if I need to look for rpa developers in Singapore i will search for

“RPA Developers” “Singapore” -intitle:“profiles” -inurl:"dir/ " OR

you can change the string to suit your needs. once you use this in google you will get a list of linkedin profiles

you can scrape them normally

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@kaluri Unfortunely, I’m going to do it LOL

get the scraped data into an excel and then run a for each row activity to open the profile url using open browser and then use click image activity to click on the connect button to send the request.

then send hotkey atl+ f4 to close the browser

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this method we have tested successfully and it doesnt block you. only thing is if you keep spamming people with request you might run into trouble … you get a temp ban for 1 month for the 1st time … we didn’t try what happens the 2nd time.

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thanks @VirajN that we avoid robot lock my account?

thanks @VirajN it’s very very helpful

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you most welcome @Tuan_Pham … if i was able to solve your issue please close this thread by marking the appropriate answer as the solution for others to read at a later point

have a nice day ahead :slight_smile:

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