How to simulate mouse movement

Hello there,
I would like to ask, if it is possible to simulate mouse movement using any UiPath Studio activities or downloadable plugins.
I want to make the process as much as human like possible. Is it a possibility to make the mouse move on the monitor from point A to point B and not magically teleport there?

If not, can UiPath control any third-party programs that would allow that?

Thank you in advance.

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How do you determine A and B here?

Hey there,
that is the thing, I tried many things in UiPath to determine them, but only option I found is using the selectors. The process will be running on both Desktop and Web Browser. UiPath makes great job with identifying those elements.
So the question is, how to use these selectors to either get relative position on the screen to pass onto third-party programs (if they work like that) or how to use them inside UiPath studio and simulate the movement.

I’m open to any ideas on how to determine them as well, I’m still pretty new to all this RPA stuff. I would be happy for any tips I can get.

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I am also looking for information to implement mouse movement from element to element.

also having the same issue, i want to have mouse movement on screen, just random movement even
The issue is… with UIpath in every activity i see the mouse jumping from 1 UI element to another
most of the times i don’t even see the cursor on the monitor at all and i’m having a trouble with a website that throw errors and loading errors if you do action many times
i noticed this error is incredibly reduced if i’m manually clicking or moving the mouse around the screen…
i’ve seen posts talking about Hovering but that even fail because also the mouse jump from 1 location to another… that doesn’t simulate human action