Disable human action

Good afternoon

Maybe this question is a little crasy or illogical but I decide to ask you.

The way in which I run the robots is:

  1. The company has servers dedicated to execute robot process
  2. I connect to them through desktop remote
  3. In the server the robots are executed.

In many times, When I change window to see the correct execution of the robot I move the mouse and the robot misses the object and it does not click in a button.

For this reason, I would like to know if there is a way to disable my mouse interaction in the program where the robot is running.

I hope you suggest me some ideas

Kindly have a look at this buddy @Lucky0906



That activity does not appear in my panel =(

Do I need to import some namespace?

make sure you have this package updated in manage packages

Were you able to find now with that activity @Lucky0906

Yes, I were. I am testing the activity

Kindly let if that works
Cheers @Lucky0906

Any issue still with that @Lucky0906

No, all it is ok.

Now I am battling to schedule a task into “Windows task scheduler” because the robot does not start when I choose the option “Run whether user is logged on or not” =(