Move Mouse

How can I create a mouse movement to create tutorials. I currently use another RPA and I am planning to switch to UiPath, but for what I need it doesn’t seem to work, as UiPath cannot move the mouse as a human, but just by going straight to the x y coordinates. Is there any way to make UiPath real…

I am also looking for information on how to add mouse moves from element to element as they are clicked in the sequence.

@Anthony_P What is the purpose of the mouse movement? You can use the hover activity to move the mouse cursor to specific elements, but it won’t be visible fluid movements like a normal user does.

If it is for tutorial purposes, there’s no need to see the fluid mouse movements. Just use a combination of highlight element, hover, click, and type into activities instead

Hi @Anthony_P,

Please try to use inject js activity. This is idea not for solution.

Omkar P