Move the Control to new opened browser window and come back

Here is the jist of the issue.
I have a web application where we have submit button, on click of that it opens another website (always different unique link/We dont know what would be the url) .
We want to move control this new window perform few actions close the window and come back perform another submission.

So every submission a new window opens up with different url.

Thank you in Advance

Hi @robzr ,
If you use “OpenBrowser” or “AttachBrowser”
We can use browser type variable as the following
We can manipulate same browser tab using this variable even if current URL is changed.


Thank you for the prompt reply.

Will this approach will work even if the click will open the url in a new browser window?

Let try it, I think it will success
Because it only change url, elements are not problem
Hope it help,


Rather than click one more way would be…use get attribute and get the url

Then use new use application/beoser and pass the url to it…so you have the window already