Move from one window to next

My task involves moving from one browser window to another on clicking a “Search” button on the previous page. On clicking “Search” a new window gets opened and i have to do some activities in that page and then return to the old one.
I tried using “attach window” but its not working.


Use Attach Browser Activity instead of Attach Window Activity and then try once.

I tried that too, but thats not working either

–this can be handled in many ways
–so if we know what pages we are going forward, we can include them in attach browser and that would work for sure as suggested @lakshman
–but if its a java application kindly try to work with IE rather to Chrome as it is more compatible in handling java application and to uipath as well
–then make sure that the dynamic parts of selector and its attribute are replaced with wild cards * so that it will take any dynamic part of value in attribute

hope this would help you
Cheers @gaya3

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I am not working with java application. Just going from one page to the next. Should the selectors be dynamic even then or was that for the java application?

May be not always, but sometimes the selector might have few dynamic parts of attributes
Thats why
Cheers @gaya3

But I have not been able to solve my issue yet.

Did IE was tried with instead of chrome
Cheers @gaya3

Please validate your automation steps, using UiExplorer and validate all valid selector for those two pages.
If you are able to differentiate between two, should work fine.
If not, validate instance running and try to capture it as browser or window, and perform activities on that.


Hi @gaya3

please use Navigate to activity

First copy the url of the first screen and then after clicking on select button it will redirect to next screen after doing some activities just place the url of the previous screen in Navigate to activity

Hope this will help

A Manohar

My url is not opening properly in IE, so I have to use Chrome

Actually, after completing certain tasks in the next window, the control must pass to the previous browser, but there is a modification in the url actually.
for instance, I click on"Search" in the first url, the next page opens. I give the details to be searched. The details(Search Results) are published in the previous page

I tried all the mentioned methods, but my “Attach Browser” activity is still not working

Where should we place this activity?
Inside or outside the Attach Window scope?