How to perform action on new browser window that is opened from previous browser window

Hi Team,

Hope someone could help me on the below issue.
I will get new browser window every time when i click on my current browser and then i wanted to perform actions on the newly opened browser(Will have dynamic URL every time) window.

But whatever action/flow i am adding it will be happening on the old window, How can i perform actions on newly opened browser window.

Thanks for your help

u can use attach window option to perform the action on that window itself

Hi @SivaKrishna,

For this, you can try following:

  1. Use attach browser/window activity
  2. Modify its selector to be dynamic(you might need to add wildcard(* or ?) in the title of that browser. So, first identify the static part in that selector and dynamic part then accordingly tweak your selector for attach browser.

This should work.


Hi @SivaKrishna ,

You can use dynamic selectors as mentioned by @sonaliaggarwal47 and if you don’t want to use your old window as that get attached every time then close it with the help of hotkey Ctrl + F4 once new window get opened.