Move Outlook Message Deletes Message

Scenario: Move Outlook Message Activity sometimes deletes message

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Outlook messages are sometimes lost when moving messages from one shared folder to another shared folder.
Currently have code in place that moves the message, then continuously checks the destination folder for the email. It doesn’t move on until it finds the email or timesout.
Even emails that are “moved” and then retrieved by “Get Mail Message” are then not found in the shared folder.
This method works most of the time, but sometimes, even when the message is found by “Get Mail Message,” it is not in the folder when a human checks later.
Any suggestions?

What email account are you using? Is it gmail or something else?

It’s a company issued email. They use outlook 2016.

Can you test with a gmail account?

With Move Outlook Message?

Yes, set up a gmail account in Outlook and try the same scenario.

Ok, will try it out

Was able to get around this by having outlook open in the background. May not be the best solution, but has been working so far