Move outlook mail message mystery error

Scenario: Has anyone had the very strange error where the move outlook mail message sometimes works but then sometimes doesn’t?? No change in code for each time, and this has only been happening recently, it was working no issue before. Even in my logs it says the mail has moved, ie it as passed through the activity correctly, but then when I go to outlook its still in the same folder and causing issue as the process starts processing the same emails! As mentioned, this has only happened the last week or so and I’ve been running this process for nearly two month with no issue here. I’ve checked my packages to see if maybe I need to update something, but its all up to date. Very strange!!

Any ideas??

Steps to reproduce: Simple get outlook mail message, for each item in this move to another folder (in the actual process there are many many steps in between, but this occurs all within the same for each item, so my move outlook mail message is based on the same item)

Current Behavior: Sometimes doesn’t move the mail message even though in my logs it says it has, and seems to be passing through the activity without breaking, but not actually doing the activity,

Expected Behavior: move email to selected subfolder

Studio/Robot/Orchestrator Version: 2016.2.6442

Last stable behavior: 05/01/2018
Last stable version:
OS Version: Windows 10
Others if Relevant: (workflow, logs, .net version, service pack, etc):

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so seen that its moving the outlook mail message, but instead making a copy (so the its now in the original folder AND in the folder it was moved to!). Just ran it again with the same email and this issue hasn’t occurred, and its moved it without making a copy…

now also seen that instead of moving it, it completely gets rid of the email. Says in my logs it has moved it successfully, but the email is nowhere to be found in outlook

Hi ,

i am also facing same issue.

my workflow is like below

getoutlook mail message
foreach loop
move outlook mail
end loop

i am expecting it moves all files to expected folder but instead of that it completely gets rid of the email.
can anyone help me on this.

Can you add a small delay between move activities, maybe this will help


i tried with multiple delay but no use.


I have the same issue in my workflow

Steps: Read Outlook mail massage, for each item dowload the attachments and finally move the mail item to another folder within same mailbox (From Inbox to July)

Some times works perfectly and other times doesn’t move the outlook mail message, just create a copy So I still see the mail item in the Inbox and also in my other folder (July).

I was working with Outlook 2013 and updated to 2016 but still have the same problem

I hope you can help me, thanks

Has anyone found the solution for this issues. I have a move Mail message activity and the mail message just disappears from the mailbox and cant be found anywhere. But works perfectly fine some times. Very strange!

Are you using a shared mailbox?

in that case you have to provide the account name in the property of the get outlook msg and move outlook mail msg and it should work.


I know this is an old post but has anyone resolved this?
Sometimes it works perfectly and sometimes it does not work.

In one workflow, one xaml works (moving to folder) in another xaml in same project it doesnt work! It is bizarre.

Reviving this thread as I’m seeing this on a client site now.

Move Outlook Mail Message activity creates a copy on destination folder and leaves original in the source folder.

Bot has been running fine for weeks. This issue only started yesterday and still happening now.

Hi! I fixed this issue with the following (however I also had the extra step of changing Subject line):

  • changing Mail Subject
  • closing Outlook
  • open Outlook
  • move Mail to subfolder

Not very elegant, but is reliable.

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Thanks @amychh

Our root issue turns out to be the outlook mailbox being nearly full (close to 100gb max capacity).

The move outlook activity creates a copy on the target folder, then tries to delete the original in source folder.

The delete is failing because the mailbox size is nearing capacity.
Once the mailbox is cleared out, things are running normal again.

Glad you figured out a solution!

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