Move outlook mail message works sporadically


I’m trying to automate saving attachments from a shared mailbox. Retrieving the emails, looping through the emails and saving the attachments works fine, but moving the emails to a folder below the inbox gives an error, it’s not consistent but only appears some times.

Move Outlook Mail Message: The specified folder does not exist

I have read numerous threads on this topic, but haven’t found a working solution.
Today I read, saved and moved 3 emails, number 4 failed, and no one after worked as the first three.

Any good ideas on how to proceed?

I, too, am having this same issue. It seems to work fine for the first 9 emails but fails every time on the 10th and does not work for any emails after that. It doesn’t seem to be a timeout issue because when I start it on the 10th email it still fails. I am able to manually move the email to the inbox. I’m not sure what else would be causing this issue? I even included a 3 second delay between the prior activity and the Move Outlook Mail Message activity.