Move outlook mail message - The specified folder does not exist



Hi all,

I see the below error message when I try to run my workflow.


I have seen similar issues in the forum and the solution is to let the account fields as “blank”
Unfortunately, I have more than one account in my outlook and I need to specify the one the workflow has to use.

Do you have any idea of what should be done to fix this issue?



hi @TeeHache

Check the below post

iterate the number of message through mail message type and mention the item name in Mail Message

Check this is it working fine or not

Ashwin S



I think this topic should help you :slight_smile:



Hi @Lucas.Pimenta, hi @AshwinS2,

Thanks for your replies. I have checked both the posts but I am still facing the same issue.


In the account fields, I have tried both “TestRecrutement” and ""
The only one working for the “Get outlook mail message” function is “TestRecrutement”. So I guess this is correct.

I can also confirm the MailFolder field is correct. I can see in “local” tab that my variable is correct.

Same thing for MailMessage. The “mail” variable is part of my “For Each”.

Do you have any idea what the issue is?



Could you try to attach a screenshot of your outlook app, where you get the list of folders from?


My immediately guess is, that the folder you’re trying to access is a subfolder of your Inbox folder. So you need to assign your “MailFolder” to “Inbox\”+row(“Folder”).ToString


hi @TeeHache,

I think you should create folder in outlook before move mail
U can check my (13.4 KB)
Hope to help u

Chinh Le


Hi @stevengoehler, hi @Chinh_Le,

Thanks for your help. The issue is now fixed.
@stevengoehler, you are correct, the issue was my folder was not a folder but a subfolder.