Move Outlook mail message: Folder doesn't exist

From last week Im facing some weird problem in Move Outlook Mail Message activity
I get 20-25 emails daily, after reading and downloading attachments from each email i have to move the mail to another folder
The issue is 15-20 mails are moved without any error but sometimes 2-3(count is random) mails are not moved and the log file says Folder doesn’t exist whereas the folder is present and many mails are moved

This issue occurs randomly also other developers have raised similar question in forum and no relevant/logical answer was given

Please if anyone can help me out in getting rid of this issue


There are a lot of factors when using third party services, that things can go wrong, it is part of the development process to have error management in the processes, so you need to implement that and retry things when you know the error is external… avoid doing lots of operations on the same service too fast, implementing some kind of delay when you are doing those things are always welcome to minimize the chance of errors.

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Thanks for the response
I’ll try retrying the same activity if it fails hope this works
Talking about the delay, the process actually isn’t moving mails continuously there are many things happening before moving one email to another folder, so in that case giving delay doesn’t make sense

Coming across this issue too, turns out if you just restart outlook then the issue is resolved.

So maybe add a Retry or a Try-Catch and restart Outlook if it occurs :slight_smile: