Which orchestrator folder type is best? Modern or classic?

Hi. I read UiPath documentation about differences between modern and classic folders. But still I’m not able to understand which is best folder type.

Can you please suggest me which folder type is best and why?

I think classic is candidate for being decrapated in 2022.10 version, so you might as wel start off with modern.
In the end you can achieve the same with both, they are tools to compartentalize access to different sections of your tenanants.

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Hi @Surya_Narayana_Korivipadu,

It depends.

As @Jeroen_van_Loon already pointed out, do not spend time on classic folder structures, they will soon be depricated. Modern folders are the way to go.

A boon or curse depends on how you see it is the way robot users are restricted when running multiple robots on multiple vms in Modern folders.


You have a process and want to run it on 5 different licenses on 5 different VMs but with the same robot user.

This will not function as Modern folders dictate that one user cannot be active on two different licenses on two different VMs and the same time. The first process will trigger the other 4 process will show “Pending”, they will wait for the user to finishing running the process in the first VM with 1st license.

In short, if you have 5 unattended licenses, you are forced to have 5 different robot users / AD robot users. In companies where RPA initiatives are run by IT departments this may go smooth and it may be easy to procure AD robot user names. In other organizations this will take some time and hassle.

This was not a problem in Classic folders, in classic folders if you had one robot user, the same user could run on all possible VMs and run the process simultaneously.

Easiest way to understand Modern Folders is to think of it as a shared folder and users with required permissions to the shared folder. You as a user can only be active in one folder at a time and when there you can only interact with files existing on that folder. With an added rule that you cannot open multiple windows explorer windows while active in one.


Thank you. This is very much useful response.

However I understand that I should choose only modern folder option as UiPath is going to deprecate classic folders