Modern design - Use Application/Browser - How to launch a windows application using the Use App/Browser activity which has arguments?

Hi All,

Could someone please help with the procedure to open a windows application that uses arguments to connect to the data base? I followed the below steps but the launch failed with some database errors.
I am able to open the application manually so its evident that the Use Application/Browser activity is not recognising the Arguments.

  1. I am using Use Application/Browser to launch the application.
  2. Recorded the initial screen of the application to Object Repository.
  3. I dragged and dropped the object (screen) to Use Application/Browser.
  4. It automatically recognised the Application Path.
  5. I provided the argument as well.
  6. When the run the sequence now, it failed to launch the application with error.
  7. In the output pane, the argument seems to be empty.

Note: I removed the space which is in the arguments as well. eg. “/dsn=db_4” but it didn’t work either.
The target of my application is something like this - “C:\Program Files (x86)\HSI\xxxxxxxx Client\xxxxx.exe” /dsn=db_4

Please refer the below screenshot for more details. I can supply more info if required.



Hi All,

Found a work around for this. I have used Start Process followed by Use Application/Browser.

In the Use Application/Browser → Properties → Options → Open → I selected Never.

So, the Start Process will open the application and the Use Application/Browser will be used only to utilize the open window. It will not attempt to open the application again.


Hope this helps someone. Any help on the above question will be appreciated.


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