Opera browser

Hi all,

Can anyone suggest me how to use open application activity to open the Opera browser

thank you in advance!!

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Yah of course
We can use open application activity and pass the exe file path of that browser as input
To be very simple open the opera browser and Usenet open application activity,use indicate on screen option and click on the opera browser application window it will create the arguments automatically

We can use start process activity and pass the exe file path as input
Cheers @vinutha1

Navigate to the opera exe file and copy the entire path and give it directly in the Process.Start(“path”) @vinutha1

@Palaniyappan @HareeshMR Thank you so much got it

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Cheers @vinutha1

Hi @vinutha1

To open the browsers you have to use the Open Browser activity. But using open browser activity you can’t open the Opera browser there is default browsers. Check the below image.

Hope it helps!!