How to launch particular application using activities

Hi all, can any one help me kindly requesting you.

how to launch an application in uipath. if you are having the path of the application.
C:\Program Files (yz86)\YY\xyzxyz\Client\bin\abctools.exe

and where can i past this path in that activity.

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Hey @meeraa

Kindly use the Start Process activity.


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Hello @meeraa ,

You can use Use Applicaiton/Browser activity to open either web/desktop applications. Also if you want to execute an exe you can use start process activity.

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@meeraa Use start Process Activity and provide the path in the first field within the double quotes


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You can use either the Start Process activity, or if you’re on modern (you should be) the Use Application/Browser activity.

It is recommended to use the modern activity, it has many more features.

One catch is that it’s missing a property for “working directory.” If this is required for your particular app, you’ll have to use Start Process.

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