Modern Design : Use Application/Browser activity

Hi All,

We all know that in old studio version it was Open Browser / Open Window activity → which is combined and made as Use Application/Browser Activity.

The challenge i am facing is on using Use Application/Browser Activity → cannot able to use click or type into outside the scope of (Use Application/Browser) which is outside of that activity.

Hello @kvssnid

You need to use the click activity inside the Use Application/Browser. So it will act as the container in the modern activity.

I understand that,

my question was using output (UiBrowser) argument we can able to get the browser instance and by using it we can able to pass the instance anywhere in framework.

I am looking for that kind of functionality in this version, if any ? or how to use outside the scope

when ever you using modern activity you have to use use application or browser so instead that you can go with classic activities

Did you tried to generate the output and use it in other acitivity.

  • Output Element - Outputs the target element indicated in this activity to an UIElement variable which can then be reused in other activities. This field supports only UIElement variables.

Yes, tried this ain’t helps on using the activity outside the scope.


As per my understanding it should be available inside that scope only. So whenever if you want to use the uielement its should be inside the Use Application/Browser activity.