New Modern Design Use Application/Browser Between Miltiple Workflows

Hello In the old design I was able to store a UIBrowser variable and pass that where ever I needed in order to work with the same browser page between multiple workflows. In the modern design I have tried to do the same with the input/output properties but a new tab or sometimes a whole window is opened if try this approach. I have seperated an autoamation for work between mulitple workflows and each is inside the same browser. Should I just make the Use Browser/APP activity the root container and add worflows without use/browser in each one or is there a solution to my madness?

Thank You.

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  1. First u can still continue using classic activities by just enabling SHOW CLASSIC in activities panel


  1. If u would like to continue with modern activities the approach u were following earlier can be still followed
    May be try once upgrading the system and UIAutomation package in manage packages and give a try

  2. If that doesn’t work then I would recommend to cover each sequence of activities with a region of scope where u want to access the elements
    Which means use the activity use browser / app and select the region of scope and inside that activity include all the activity want

Hope this would help you resolve this

Cheers @Anthony_Tejada1


  1. Did you happen to check the open and clise properties in use application or browser
  2. Are selectors not reliable to identify the window?..if yes then you can use that as well in use app/browser tl attach

Alternate but not preferred is to go with classic