Is it possible to use an UI activity outside Use Application/Browser in the same session opened in another workflow file?

My case is that I want to use a click activity or any other UI activity to interact with another session opened by Use Application/Browser activity in another workflow file.
so how to use the same Use Application/Browser instance in another file ?

Hi @Muhammad_Abu_Senna , thanks for posting in the forum.

The use application/browser was introduced together with the modern design experience. If it is another file, typically you need to put another use application/browser to be able to perform a click activity.

If you don’t want to use it, you can turn off the modern design experience and use the classic one.

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Hi @seanrockvz13 thank you for your attention.
I know what you are talking about, let me explain to you in more depth.
I have 2 workflow files ( file_1 , file_2 ).

In file_1 I’m using (Use application/browser) activity which opens a browser session and interact with it using the activities within it.

In file_2 I want to use some UI activities ( like click and type into) to continue interacting from where i left of in the session opened in file_1 without having to open a new session.

I hope that my question is more clear Right now.

in the properties panel for open browser you can see an output uibrowser declare that variable and in the attach browser in the second file pass this uibrowser variable as input


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Hi @Lak_Ui , Thanks for your attention.
The Open browser activity you showed is a classic design experience activity, but the Use Application/browser activity which I’m using is a modern design experience.

hi @Muhammad_Abu_Senna,
I think it will be better if u use classic activity in “File 1”, and use like open browser, then set the UiBrowser Output as an out_argument.

After that in “File 2”, u can use “Invoke Sequence” to “File 1” and get the argument from “File 1”.

Better to avoid the modern design mode as a whole. The classic one gives you way more control over your selector scopes, and are in my experience way more accurate. (Fuzzy selectors? come on…)

The only reason I would consider the current modern methods, if I wanted to use the object repository which only works in modern unfortunately. But since we have no real use for it in our application landscape, I avoid the moder settings all together.

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but there is no chance to do so in the modern experience?

OK Thank you.

If file in 1 you use a " Use Application/browser" activity, and then switch to file 2, you need it again there. Simply attach it again in any second file.

Use these:

File one attaches, and uses the output element argument to set it in an object.
Pass this object as an argument to any second file.

That file attaches again, using the object as ‘Input Element’

This then pretty moch works the same as the classic ones. Just messier.