Use Application/Browser Output

Use Application/Browser activity will give output of type UiElement which i have saved in a variable.
Requirement -I want to close the same browser outside the scope of Use Application.
Tried Soln - I’m using Close Tab activity and passing the output ui element of Use Application in Input of close activity but giving an Error.
Any suggestions ?

HI @prerna.gupta

Try with Close Application Activity


There is no activity as Close Application in Modern

Have you tried with Kill process activity? @prerna.gupta


If you click on filter , you will have show classic click on that and search for close Application



FYI, another approach.

Close window of application



Close browser


note: uie is from output property of Use Application/Browser



Does Modern and Classic both works together ?

Yes It will @prerna.gupta

Hi @prerna.gupta,

Another alternative would be the following.

Use the Same URL and manipulate the Close and Open properties in Use Application/Browser.

The third block will only close the first Browser Window, the second block will stay open, the third block is going to look for the first window and close it always.

If @Yoichi’s solution works for you do use that as it is not dependent on URL rather the element itself, more robust the using URL.

Here out_SNBrowser is the output of Use Application of ui element type

Its not working. In Close Application activity i used ui element output of use Application, its giving error

Try indicating the application @prerna.gupta instead of using same variable


Is out_SNBrowser is UiElement type? It seems UiPath.Core.Browser type. Can you check its type at variables panel?


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