Can't find Open Browser activity

Good evening. I am a Ui beginner doing a UI course at the University of Iceland and I ran into a problem with assignment 4.4 Anchors in Lab Exercise. In step 17 I should use Open Browser activity but I can’t find it in the list of activities. What can I do?

Open Browser is an old (classic) activity. Your project is probably set to modern, and it should be set to modern because that’s how you should be working.

In modern the activity is now named Use Application/Browser.

However, if you want to use the classic Open Browser activity to align with that class, click the Project Settings button on the Project tab:


And set Modern Design Experience to no:

we stay with the project setting “modern”

and adjust the activity filter

Thanks, Paul, Application/Browser was available but when I applied it wasn’t able to open any Browser Type dropdown.

Thanks, Peter. I appreciate it.

That’s because Use Application/Browser works differently. It replaces multiple classic activities (Open Browser, Attach Browser, etc) and it doesn’t need you to tell it which browser to use, it figures that out when you indicate the selector. It’s definitely much better to use the modern activities and I would ask why the class is still using such old stuff.

Thanks, good to know.

Thank you Paul for explaining.

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