Missing Source Control controls on Enterprise Studio

Greetings. I started on the Community Edition of UI Path studio and integrated with GIT. Current version is 2019.7.0.

When working with projects, there is a blue status bar at the bottom that allows to add to source control:

and once tracked in git, it gives some good status info:

Example, the 1 down there means I have 1 uncommited change, and if I click on that it brings up the commit box to commit and push changes to the repository.

Now that I am working on the Enterprise edition, I have noticed that this status bar is non existent, and took me a long time to determine that I needed to right click in the project window to bring up a conext menu with the “commit” option on it.


So, whilst I can still commit to the repo, it is not only less convenient, but, I have no idea how many uncommitted/unpushed changes to the repo I have.

Is there a way to get the blue version control status bar on the Enterprise 2019.4.2 version of Studio? That bar makes it very convenient and emulates the Visual Studio style of version control.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @sagacity

This happens because in general Community Edition is a Preview of new features that will arrive in the next Stable Enterprise release :slight_smile:

As such, 2019.4 is the latest Stable Fast Track version for Enterprises. Since then, Community Edition was enriched by 3 more releases, 2019.5, .6 and .7 :slight_smile:

The 2019.10 will be the next Stable (Long Term Support) release for Enterprises.

One way to get new features would be to become a member of our insider’s program, see here for more info:

Thanks! I was sorta coming to this conclusion, however, I couldn’t find anything definitive.

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