Commit list shows empty

Hi @loginerror,

there is a bug on GIT commit window, it only show changes in the start up once Init commit pushed it shows those changes in the status bar as “310”

But when I come to commit changes window it not shows ANYTHING.

Hi @SamanGuruge

Which version of Studio is having this behaviour for you?

Studio version -24.4.4

Hello @SamanGuruge are you sure about this? because the last Studio version released is 22.8 community version and 22.4 enterprise. Please reconfirm.

Enterprise version

Any news on the issue??
Seems that i face the same…

No I had to find different solution since I worked in a tide schedule. So I used sourcetree to commit everything from outside of the UiPath manually


Thank you for the reply @SamanGuruge

Anyone from UiPath??

Seems that the proposed solution from here solved the issue for me! :

Thank you @Jose_Esquivel ! :fist_right: :fist_left:

Facing the same issue in version 23.4.4 - pencil icon in the status bar shows uncommited files, but dialog does not come up with the corresponding files to be able to commit them…

Will take a look at the provided workaround…