GIT source control no longer available in 2019.8

After updating Studio community edition to the latest version - 2019.8 , GIT source control is no longer available.
Here is the teams tab now:

Also from the editor:
Projects that were previously using GIT appear as they are not using source control anymore.
I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling Studio but that din’t do anything.
I’m on the Stable branch but I’ve also tried the Beta one and GIT is still missing.

I have it in my studio even I’m using the same version @iulian.ilie


I have the same problem in one of my studio’s. They are both on the same community edition, but one of them doesnt show Git support anymore. see image

A side note. The left one is running on Win10. The right one is running on Server2012 in a VM. But in my opinion that shouldn’t be the problem. They are both running in stable mode.

Hi @iulian.ilie @jvanmarion

Could you please have a look here:

Especially this bit:

Windows 7 SP1 Update for Universal C Runtime , Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable Update 3 (required for GIT source control functionality)

I have to assume that windows server requires similar dependency to the one mentioned for Windows 7 SP1.


Thx for the reply @loginerror. I updated the vm with the MS Visual C++ 2015 and git is back in the studio. The community update itself automaticaly, so i didn’t check the software requirements. Will keep that in mind next time.
@iulian.ilie Did it also work for you?

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Thank you for the replies @loginerror and @jvanmarion.
Unfortunately I don’t have control over windows updates on my personal machine, I’m developing on a Windows Server 2016 VM until I’ll get upgraded to Windows 10.