System Input Dialog and other activities not found on new Projects, but present in older foreign example projects

I recently opened a new blank process, I did not find the InputDialog Activity (and many other activities from System.Core), see screenshow below:

However, when I opened an older example project from someone else, I saw it was there:

what is missing or whats wrong with my setup/installation ?

Can you check in Mange Packages if Uipath System activities is installed. if it is try and update it.

Hello @MALMAL_MAL , Kindly Check activity from Manage package and download “Uipath.System.Activities”

I checked and it seems to be installed:

otherwise, it wouldnt show up on the other project probably, its just weird it does not show up on a blank process…

Nobody got an idea? I can’t do any process like that…

@MALMAL_MAL Can you check the version of the other project version of UiPath System Activities. Then Change the version of the new project version’s of UiPath System Activities to that and update and save.


You can open the project in the Modern designer and check whether the activities are present or not. Also you can enable modern and classic activities from the filter button in the project manager.

I now know the reason why, when initially starting an empty process, you have to choose setup between windows legacy, windows, and platform independent, additionally VB or #C, I didn’t try out every setting, but with platform independent and C#, you don’t have the input dialogs for example…